Google penalize guest blogging but guest blogging is not properly dead

Guest blogging is not dead because google penalized only bad links


I think every seo expert and webmaster know that  largest guest blogging network has  penalized by google , Is-Guest-Blogging-Deadhowever , it does not mean that guest blogging is totally dead. Matt warn to SEO  experts who is link builders and using  guest blogging for  build links.There are ample of  link builders, who are using   thchae biggest  guest blogging network for a wrong way and  merely  build links to their site to aquire high  rank and traffic website .

Google spammer head Matt cutt has warned  to  guest bloggers that, if your site is belong to  fashion industry then please search  fashion related niche blogs which can helpful for your ranking in google . but Don’t try to post in jobs websites  or other niche blogs which do not belong  to your niche. It seems spammy and  google will not approve  any value to its users.

Written by matt seoz

matt seoz

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